Meet ELONBROS! Created by a LOSER, for the LOSERS, to transform all LOSERS….into WINNERS- who take First Place Gold 🥇
To the Moon, Mars and Beyond. We’re aiming for the entire Freakin Universe. And WE WANT NO BROS LEFT BEHIND!

Our Vision

“Is this just another crypto meme token trying to promise me the moon?” We understand the feeling. To be honest mate, (What? Honesty in Cryptoland? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause…) Many of us have experienced the anger, frustration, and disappointment of missing out on becoming the next crypto millionaire simply by being late investors in “SHIBA” and “DOGE.” Not giving any guarantees this will get you to a Million quids, but we believe that richness not only comes from the pockets, but also from the heart and its intentions. Yes, our goal is to get blessings and cater to all the finer things in life; we also share the belief that you aren’t truly wealthy until you have something that money can’t buy. WE HELP YOU GET THERE.

Why Elonbros?

The success of Elonbros lies in the hands of all of us. Together, we are a community of EBROS who will stand with one another and celebrate our wins. We are a unity, a brotherhood and sisterhood alike. The very belief since its inception is the philosophy and vision of NO BROS LEFT BEHIND. We are more than a meme. With a future NFT project already being planned out to create financial independence for its owners; we will also give back 15% of its proceeds for all sales to non-profits and charities chosen and voted up by its owners. Our token and NFT launch coupled with a good cause makes us stand as giants above other meme coins in the Cryptoverse.


Our Token is a BEP-20 deflationary token traded on the Binance Secure Network, with few to no fees and a 10% tax on buy/sell orders. Four percent of that tax will go to a separate marketing wallet aimed at grabbing the attention of and convincing our biggest EBRO yet—ELON MUSK— to join our race into outer space. Three percent goes as reward kickbacks to existing EBROS, and the final 3% goes into our EBRO liquidity. With the holding and NFT mechanism in the future, users can avail themselves of the benefits that other meme coins have failed to produce.


Token Name


Total Supply


Token Ticker




BEP20 token

BSC scan

Contract address for token



Phase 1

  • Logo Design/Creation
  • Website Launch
  • Social Media Creation
  • Contract Deployment
  • White Paper Release V1
  • Advertising/Marketing Campaign
  • Private Sale Offering
  • Pancake Swap Launch

Phase 2

  • High-End Social Media Promotions & Influencer Partnerships
  • Poocoin
  • Coin Market Cap
  • Coin Gecko
  • CoinAlpha
  • Liquidity Lock
  • Token Burn

Phase 3

  • IG & YouTube ads Influencer Marketing
  • Purchase Internal Audit
  • Over 5 million Market cap
  • 10,000 combined followers total social media platforms
  • NFT Creation Ad and Campaign Dates Set for Future
  • Charity and Philanthropy Projects Planned

Phase 4

  • Elon Musk Becomes an EBRO
  • Announcement of ElonBro Space Adventure
  • Video Game
  • EBROS Goes to Mars
  • 50 Million Market Cap and Rising


Reading the whitepaper should be prioritized before investing in a project. That’s why we dedicated time creating this document, which has been reviewed by regulators, third-party audit firms and advisors, that includes legal and industry experts.


Reading the whitepaper should be prioritized before investing in a project. That’s why we dedicated time creating this document, which has been reviewed by regulators, third-party audit firms and advisors, that includes legal and industry experts.

Elonbros is a decentralized crypto meme based on a few simple ideologies outlined below:

1- Elonbros is a movement, it’s more than just a meme.

2- Our relevance and success means having blind faith in our brotherhood and unity. Regardless of race, gender and socioeconomic status.

3- The aim and mission is to learn from those missed opportunities of viral meme tokens like Shiba and Doge- which took the world by a storm, and not need to bite the dust in life by missing out on the potential of Elonbros becoming a giant in the Cryptoverse.

4- Our promise to give back and charitable contributions globally is our biggest reward. It motivates us to run the project.

The higher the community following, the constant gain of Market Cap and more successful the project with liquidity, the more is spent on a marketing campaign; to the Moon and beyond is the just the beginning. Transparency is our best policy and all the updates will be announced on social media.

Elonbros is not run by any individual company or person. Technically speaking, it operates according to rules agreed by consensus, rather than decided upon by some founding or owning entity.

It means you don’t have to trust any central organization or person the way you would a bank, but also that you have to be your own bank. The developers can’t seize your funds, but they also can’t return them if you send them to the wrong address.

1- You will first need a MetaMask Wallet. Write down, or securely store your Private Key and Wallet Seed Phrase. If you lose this or forget it, well then just forget it.

2- Secondly Purchase BNB TOKEN which is what’s traded and exchanged for Elonbros. Elonbros is traded on the Binance Smart Chain.

3- Get to Pancake Swap Exchange. And link your Metamask Wallet. Once you see your balances, you’re on the right track.

4- Our Ticker is Ebro and the token address is


5- Complete your exchange and congratulations on officially becoming an EBRO.

6- Go out and tell others, blast it on social media and convert others to become EBROS.

7- The rest is history

8- Because it rhymes with Anti-Hate

9- 2022-Forever

10- Countdown Begins……